Ralph J. Nopper: 2409 Goddard Road, Toledo, Ohio


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Ralph J. Nopper: 2409 Goddard Road, Toledo, Ohio


Architectural drawings for a residence commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Metz and created by Ralph J. Nopper, an architectural designer out of Toledo, Ohio. The drawing is pencil on tracing paper, there is no commission number for the project, and it was created in the 1940s. The drawings depict the all four exterior elevations for the building as well as the basement, first and second floor floorplans. Notes on the edge of the drawing indicated this was House Plan 259, as well as names of other owners where this plan was used to create other variations of the same general structure. The name "Leibius" is also mentioned, likely referring to a general contractor by the name of August Leibius. As of 2011 this building has not been demolished.


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