Theaters in Toledo: Past, Present, and Imagined

Growing Up In Toledo Architecture Exhibit

In this exhibit, the spring semester English 353 class at Lourdes University explores "Growing up in Toledo" as a way of understanding the changing life of the city and its inhabitants through its architecture. Through the selections in this exhibit, you can see how the city has grown and changed, tracing the history, for example, of educational institutions and dwellings as they are remodeled, repurposed, and replaced over time.

Public Library Buildings in Lucas County

Toledo and Lucas County have seen many library buildings survey the community with diverse and interesting architectural styles. Included here are architectural renderings, floor plans, and photographs of library buildings, some of which are still in use, others vacant or demolished.

Tour of Collingwood Boulevard

Taking a drive or walk down Collingwood Boulevard is a great way to get to know the city and its architecture and we’ve created this tour to highlight highlight 18 spots on the edge of the Old West End, taking you from Monroe Street to Central Avenue where a wealth of historical homes and houses of worship still stand.

Tour of Downtown Toledo

Taking a drive or walk around downtown Toledo is a great way to get to know the city and its architecture and we’ve created this tour to highlight 15 spots around downtown, anchored at one corner by Main Library, and then progressing down Michigan Street, Monroe Street, Summit Street, and back to the beginning on Adams Street.

Willow Beach Amusement Park

Most of our architectural design collections center around commercial and residential buildings, but firms also engaged in fascinating projects like the development of an entire amusement park. Find out how Jokel and Lange laid out Willow Beach Amusement Park and designed the various buildings that covered the grounds.

Lost Toledo

The city of Toledo is home to many significant and impressive architectural landmarks, both contemporary and historical. Not all of these structures have survived to the present day however, though we are able to explore these bygone treasures through the images in the Local History and Genealogy department collections.

House Tours of the 2019 Old West End Festival

Explore the houses on tour during the 2019 Old West End Festival, and take a special look at the original architectural plans for two of the homes, including the striking Willys residence. Included in this exhibit is also the Ottawa Hills residence that Willys had constructed upon his return to Toledo in the 1920s.