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House Tours of the 2019 Old West End Festival

Explore the houses on tour during the 2019 Old West End Festival, and take a special look at the original architectural plans for two of the homes, including the striking Willys residence. Included in this exhibit is also the Ottawa Hills residence that Willys had constructed upon his return to Toledo in the 1920s.

Lost Toledo

The city of Toledo is home to many significant and impressive architectural landmarks, both contemporary and historical. Not all of these structures have survived to the present day however, though we are able to explore these bygone treasures through the images in the Local History and Genealogy department collections.

Willow Beach Amusement Park

Most of our architectural design collections center around commercial and residential buildings, but firms also engaged in fascinating projects like the development of an entire amusement park. Find out how Jokel and Lange laid out Willow Beach Amusement Park and designed the various buildings that covered the grounds.