Britsch and Munger: Homderdale Road, Toledo, Ohio


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Britsch and Munger: Homderdale Road, Toledo, Ohio


An architectural drawing for a residence commissioned by Grant M. Richard and created by the Britsch and Munger architectural firm of Toledo, Ohio. The drawing is pencil on tissue paper, the commission number for the project is 648, and the drawing was created in 1941. This drawing depicts the front and rear elevation for the dwelling as well as a detailed section of a typical wall. Also included in the commission but not scanned are floorplans, additional exterior and interior elevations, floorplans, a site plan, landscaping plan, foundation plan, and drainage plan. The location of this building, as well as if it was ever contructed, has not been identified, though the drawings indicate it was intended for Homerdale Road in Miner Park.


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