Britsch and Munger: 2919 Dorr Street, Toledo, Ohio


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Britsch and Munger: 2919 Dorr Street, Toledo, Ohio


Architectural drawings for the layout and design of a trailer camp commissioned by Central Trailer Village and created by the Britsch and Munger architectural firm of Toledo, Ohio. The drawings are pencil on cream colored paper, were created in 1943, and the commission number for the project is 680. The drawings include a site plan with the layout of the parcels, a graded site plan, plans for the plumbing and electric distribution throughout the village, details for clothes posts, barriers, and lot concrete slabs, as well as details for a central building that included a lounge, laundry, and storage. This central building has exterior elevations for all four sides, a basement and first floor floorplan. The drawings indicate that the village was to be constructed on Central Avenue, however resources contemporary to the drawings including city directories and plat maps place the Central Trailer Village at 2919 Dorr Street. As of 2019, no trailer village currently exists at 2919 Dorr Street.


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